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What I needed and got from Yolanda was clear direction for setting and meeting my near-term fundraising goals. The unanticipated bonus is how Yolanda’s process has made me a more creative and effective fundraiser.
— Jennilie Brewster, Director, OPEN DOORS
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I am so impressed by Yolanda’s expertise in fundraising and events management, that I honestly believe she has the ability to run a small country!
— Mark Castillo, Chief Marketing Officer, IBC Shell Packaging and Member, Board of Trustees, De La Salle Academy
De La Salle Academy

Yolanda was generous with her time and set us on the path to building a healthy and thriving organization. We are very pleased with the work she did for RAM and will look to her again in the future.
— Kate Dillingham, Executive Director, Random Access Music 
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